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 San Diego Chargers Trade Block

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PostSubject: San Diego Chargers Trade Block   Tue Apr 27, 2010 4:05 pm

Well, I am looking to make a couple of moves, but who isn't. I do think I like what I ended up with, but would like to try to change it up a little.

Needs/Wants (In Order)

WR1/2 (85+ speed or possession)
CB2/3 (Upgrade over Marlin or just a solid Nickel.)
DT2 (High Strength, 94+)
MLB (At least 79 SPD)

Most players I am willing to trade, but some are definately more expenisve than others. I have a lot of guys I like that are low rated that would take more than their ratings indicate.

Examples of guys with lower rating that I highly value
TE Conrelius Ingram (63)
DE Michael Johnson (72)
WR Josh Morgan (74)
WR Ramses Barden (60)

Also, I would be willing to give up CJ, but that asking price is $$$$$
Please keep in mind: I drafted my team based on him alone by focusing on D and drafted big OL run blockers.
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San Diego Chargers Trade Block
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