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 Bears Scouting Report (Salukivsn)

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PostSubject: Bears Scouting Report (Salukivsn)   Wed Apr 28, 2010 2:18 pm

Week 1
Packers- 31
Bears- 17

Definitely tried establishing the run early, but his OLine had trouble against a dominant DLine, so if you are strong up front there is really no need to bring more pressure on running downs. He tried to break it outside with Felix Jones a few times and wound up losing more yards trying to make something happen.

Passing wise he struggled through the first three quarters. Aside from one pass to his TE off a PA, he really didn't get anything through the air till the 4th. He then started reading the field better and hitting open guys. He does like to dump it down into the flats to his HBs, so make sure you watch for that as Felix can take it to the house if no one is there to tackle him. Also he is not afraid to take off with Aaron Rodgers if there is an opening.

His run defense was great. He shut down everything on the ground except for one run from Beanie. Blitzes heavily on run downs and with speedy guys playing OLB (Suggs and Curry) it's tough to get any outside runs on him. Maybe someone with a better OLine could get some yardage because his DLine held there ground on me, but aren't the greatest 3-4 Lineman.

His pass defense wasn't as great as his run D. His secondary (CBs and Safeties) are lacking in any real stars, so Andre Johnson was able to manhandle them for 140 yards on only 4 receptions. He liked to mix in blitzes, man, and zone, but really none of them worked in his favor. He is very good at user controlling his LB though. I decided to test him in coverage and he picked me off right before the half (Luckily though Carson Palmer got pissed and went ahead and stripped the ball, which we subsequently recovered.) Also, very good at forcing fumbles. Will light your WR up after the catch the ball, so cover it up.

Speical Teams:
Nothing crazy. He had one good kick return that he almost took to the house and his kick coverage was average. His only FG attempt was a 27 yarder, so I really didn't see the leg of his kicker.

Tough opponent. Got off to a slow start, but definitely turned it up when it mattered in the end. Great run stopper, so your best bet is to try and beat him through the air. I'm looking forward to playing him again later in the season.
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Bears Scouting Report (Salukivsn)
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